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I have an insatiable, visceral need to create stemming from a desire to disrupt order. 


Clay is a specific medium for me, offering a gentle permanence which lends as a role model. Clay is malleable yet sturdy, brittle yet strong, utilitarian yet decorative, each juxtaposition as imperative to its practicality as the next. These qualities recursively raise questions. How is utility discovered? How are complex valences of value registered through materiality? What can an art object—a human objectivation—teach us about ourselves? 


My focus emphasizes intersectionality to disrupt archetypes in terms of identity politics, including domesticity, women’s-work, gender, sexuality, and mental health. My work analyzes and recontextualizes subject formation by exploring complicated, emotionally laden, and sometimes contradictory landscapes of the self. These disruptions take shape through ceramics, sculptures and paintings which transform into abstract objects, anthropomorphic figures, and installations. 


In recent work, I have found myself subjecting pre-manufactured, porcelain sinks to the ceramic process. This process includes re-glazing and refiring these objects to manipulate them into sculptures while preserving their functionality. This blend of function and sculpture embraces everyday utility and practicality while remaining a strong representation of my sculptural practice, but also grazing the notion of design. 

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